You May Learn To Draw People In Caricatures And Portraits With The Right Instruction

Published: 06th October 2011
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When you try to draw people, there're some different expert techniques for portraits such as caricatures and manga cartoon drawings. The greatest way forward is first to gain the basic principles for portrait building, and then go ahead to specialize in your chosen field. So how do you draw people? This is a good question and one that lots of budding artists are asking; as soon as you've mastered how to draw still life and objects, it's only natural that you wish to progress to drawing portraits.

The initial step to drawing people is to learn to draw the head and facial features; from here on in you can then progress. A great e book will tell you all you need to know about the positioning of the facial features and will make learning to draw faces a pleasurable experience. An excellent tip here is to put to the back of your mind any past bad experiences you've had with drawing people and faces and to have trust in the greatest e books that really will show you how it is done.

Yes, it really is true; regardless of how bad your past experience with drawing faces and portraits, all you need to become successful is to download the best e-book and begin learning right now. What you have to do is learn the fundamentals in portrait drawing, and this always starts with learning to draw the head and facial features. Once you have accomplished this, then you need to learn how to proportion properly the bodily features, and learn how to draw the body of people.

Once you come quite confident in drawing people, then you might like to move from regular portrait drawing and focus on caricatures or cartoon drawing, of course all the proportions you've just learned when you learned how to draw people will change. But to start with you should learn the basics of how to draw people, and from here you can progress to caricatures or cartoon drawings.

Caricatures and cartoon drawings are a way to express your individuality in the style of your drawing, and for this you need a solid basis of how to draw people that you may learn from following the instructions in the best e books. If you want to add an aspect of fun to your portrait drawing, then the drawing of caricatures and cartoons is an excellent way to do this, and is something that you can develop once you know the fundamentals of cartoon drawing. Portrait drawing and caricatures is an excellent and relaxing hobby or pastime, or maybe something that you may take further and make your career. When you learn to draw people you really will find it both pleasurable as well as thoroughly enjoyable and soothing.

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